Photography For Hotels & Resorts

Photography For Hotels & Resorts

Professional hotel and resort photography based in London and Southampton. Full production hotel photography and videography for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

Based in London and Southampton I specialise in photography for the hospitality industry, from small B&B’s to 500+ room hotels. No matter how big or small your hotel is, I can offer a photography package to suit your particular requirements.

Hotel and Resort Photography Guide

So that everything goes smoothly during a hotel and resort photography shoot I like to follow a simple production process. The pre-production process involves meeting with the clients to discuss ideas, organise logistics and extensive location scouting in order to determine the best angles and best times of day to photograph each location. It also involves meeting with the stylist if one is used to determine which props are needed to enhance each location and keep them inline with the brand image.

Following the pre-production process a detailed shooting schedule would be in place so that during shooting no time need be wasted determining best angles or best times of day to shoot each location. The stylist will also be more prepared being able to set each location in time according to the schedule. During the actual production the focus will be on lighting each location, props and coordinating with models if they are used. Following the production, I spend a great deal of time working on the images, layering multiple images blending different lighting to create the finished photograph.

To ensure that hotels and resorts are prepared for a shoot a few simple things can be done in advance, which are particularly important for hotels that have not officially opened yet. Rooms to be photographed should be prepared as if expecting guests, bed linen ironed/steamed, windows and floors cleaned etc. As above, collaboration with the hotel is very important, and it’s always a good idea to have someone from the hotel present and semi-active during the shoot.