Koh Surin, Thailand

Written By - Nick

One of the most beautiful places in Thailand has to be Koh Surin National Park. Located in the south of Thailand off the west coast, just north of Phuket, it’s very easy to get to. A one hour speedboat ride from the mainland finds you stepping on to the soft sandy beaches of Koh Surin. There is not much in the way of accommodation on the islands, a few guest houses run by the national park which are booked 3 months in advance. If you do not mind staying in a tent, you can just turn up at the islands and rent a tent for 300 Baht per night, and sleep right next to the ocean.

Koh Surin is famous for sea turtles. On the first day I went along with a tour group snorkelling to see if I could get some pictures of the turtles. At the very last site I saw a lovely large turtle but didn’t have time to get in position for a photo as the guide called us all to get back to the boat! The following day I decided to rent my own private long tail boat to spend as much time as possible to get that elusive turtle photo, only to not find any the whole day, typical. It really is just down to luck.