Fashion Week is Over

Written By - Nick

Collaborating in the fashion industry is what it’s all about, so I would like to bring you a short article written by the lovely Evie Smith of Evie Smith Make Up, all about the recent fashion week.

The fashion world can finally breathe, fashion week is over! Taking place over 4 cities, Paris, New York, Milan and London, the week that anybody who is anybody attends and takes note of the upcoming trends that will shape the next seasons fashion and make-up.

Here are the trends that you need to know over the coming few months.


Bare faces are in this season, which honestly, is my favourite trend. Although as a make-up artist, I probably shouldn’t say that. There’s something so beautiful about a squeaky clean face and nude eyes. It’s youthful, it’s glowing (most of the time) and not to mention, it allows all of those cute freckles and flushed cheeks from the cold to shine on through. If you really must wear a foundation, opt for a translucent one or a product with really light consistency focusing only on the areas that need a little extra coverage, such as around the nose, under the eyes and chin.


I am a massive fan of statement lips and a nude eye. There is just something so classic and elegant about it. This season therefore, is everything to me. On the runways, a naked eye was teamed with stunning berry lips and the colour of a fine Chilean Malbec. It’s beautiful and effortless. These are totally wearable for most people. If you are feeling brave, go for the darkest blackcurrant tones you can find. If darker tones aren’t for you, then why not try a deep fuchsia with a lick of black eyeliner? These look especially perfect for blondes.


I’m so tired of seeing sleek ponytails on the runways, so this year it’s very refreshing to see more elegant looks gracing the runways this time around. Loose ballerina buns and chignons were everywhere this season and I loved it.

To create a loose ballerina bun I would either curl the hair all over with a small barrel tong or wand and loose with my fingers and gently pull back in to a bun, or blow dry the hair and add some texturising powder to give it an effortless look.

As a self-confessed ‘lazy girl’, another trend taking up space in Vogue is the slept in look. Unfortunately, my slept in look looks slightly like an electrocuted Barbie Doll who has seen things she just can’t un-see. However, if your hair looks somewhat acceptable in the mornings, then this trend is for you; a little bit of dry shampoo, a brush through and you’re good to go. I’ll be teasing and curling my hair in to oblivion to make it look like the Goddess hair that I so desperately long for.


Ironically, individuality is key for the later part of this year, with designers pushing us in the direction of self-expression and a ‘you do you’ attitude. This is lovely, but can a trend of individuality really be individual? The runway however was allowing the models to decide how they wanted to wear their hair and giving them a few options for their make-up. I think that individuality should be expressed more often on the runways. How lovely would it be for designers to allow make-up artists, stylists and models to create the looks that they thought looked perfect and made them feel confident in their appearance, expressing their true selves.

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